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Óscar Gómez Alcañiz

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Born in
Castelló de la Plana
Date of Birth

Work Experience

September 2014Currently

CERN | International Research Institution based in Switzerland and France.

Full-stack Developer

Development and maintenance of CERN's administrative sector's software. Development and maintenance of the infrastructure, operations and databases of our group's applications landscape.

Previous roles at CERN include data visualization and web applications development for the Finance & Administrative Procedures department.

December 2013April 2014

Universitat Jaume I | University in Castellón, Spain.

Collaboration Scholarship.

I did a collaboration project at the Computer Science Dpt., for the Robotics Group, that involved using Microsoft's Kinect to track a hand in 3D, and translate these movements to a robot hand.

May 2013November 2013

Digital Ceramic | Photographic Files for Inkjet in Almassora, Spain.

Ceramic Tiles Design / Web Development / Photo Processing

Web development, graphic design, creating ceramic environments infographics.

January 2011May 2013

Private Teacher | Castelló, Spain.

English, Science & IT Teacher

In order to cope with my studies, I started to teach maths, physics, programming, technical drawing and English to high school students.

September 2008June 2010

Espai d'Art Fotogràfic | Arts School in Valencia, Spain

Digital Photography Teacher

Adobe Photoshop teacher at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, for digital photography students. It also involved weekend courses of 15 practical-theoretical hours.

January 2008December 2010

Signo Comunicación | Communication Agency in Castelló, Spain.

Developer / Designer

Web development department. Graphic design, web development & DTP for several magazines.

October 2006December 2007

Photomart Ltd. | Photographic Supplies Wholesaler in London, United Kingdom.

Graphic Designer / Website Manager

My tasks involved the management of the corporate website, the creation of advertising on several media (mainly online and press), development of mini-sites, designing and laying out a monthly magazine and editing an electronic weekly magazine.

June 2004July 2005

La Lupa | Local Trade Newspaper in Castelló, Spain.

Graphic Designer / Website Manager

Graphic design, advertising campaigns design, business website development and maintenance and weekly magazine DTP.

January 2002July 2002

CDM – GTFadrell | Computer Retail & IT Services in Castelló, Spain.

Technical Support / Equipment Assembly

Technical support, assembly and distribution of computer equipment.

Side jobs

Throughout all this period, in between jobs or along my studies at high school and university, I always carried out other jobs non-related to IT or design, which contributed towards my – personal rather than professional – development.



Universitat Jaume I | Castelló, Spain.

Degree on Computer Science and Engineering.


Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny | Castelló, Spain.

Degree on Graphic Design – First year completed.


Course on Web Design, HTML and Flash | Castelló, Spain.

Intensive course – Completed after three months.


IES Penyagolosa | Castelló, Spain.

BUP + COU (high school)


Driving License

I got my driving license on 2003, and I have a wide experience with both tourisms and vans.


    Level classification according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

    SpanishC2 (native)
    Catalan / ValencianC1C1C2C1

      Personal Skills

      I am an extrovert and kind person, who loves enjoying a job as much as possible. I am detail oriented in everything I do. I am always willing to learn in order to solve problems. I consider myself sincere, responsible and committed to my job. I enjoy music, cinema and natural life, I can play several musical instruments and consider myself a creative person.

        IT Knowledge

        • Operating Systems
          • Linux | Ubuntu / Archlinux / CentOS / AmazonLinux
          • Windows | XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
          • Mac OS X | 10.x
        • Design tools
          • Adobe Creative Suite | Photoshop / InDesign / Illustrator / Flash
        • Programming languages & Frameworks
          • Modern Web | HTML5 / CSS3
          • Javascript | React 16.x / Vue 2.x / jQuery 2.x / AngularJS 1.5 / EmberJS / ES2015 / Gulp / Babel
          • PHP | Slim Framework 3 / CodeIgniter 4 / Laravel 5 / Drupal 7 & 8
          • Java | SpringBoot 3
          • Python 2/3 | SciPy / PyBrain
          • C/C++ | OpenCV / ROS
          • Ruby | Rails 4
          • DataBases | MySQL 5 / Oracle DB 19c / PL/SQL 12 / MongoDB
          • Actionscript 3.0 | Flash
        • Other computing skills
          • CLI Tools | Bash / PowerShell 7
          • Development environment | Vagrant / Docker
        • Office tools
          • Microsoft Office | SharePoint / InfoPath / VBA / Access / Excel
        • Audio/video editing tools
          • Steinberg Nuendo | Music production / Mixing / Mastering
          • Adobe Audition | Sound edition
          • After Effects | Video editing / Special FX

        Work Examples


        Day Of Rising CD Artwork Design
        Original shots
        Raw Material 1Raw Material 2Raw Material 3
        CD Artwork / FrontCD Artwork / Back



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