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Born in
Castelló de la Plana
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Óscar Gómez Alcañiz

Work Experience

September 2014Currently

CERN | International Research Institution based in Switzerland and France.
Data Visualization / Reporting / Web Development

Developing solutions for reporting and data visualization using JavaScript and PHP, on Pentaho BA Server. Web development using Drupal.

December 2013April 2014

Universitat Jaume I | University in Castellón, Spain.
Collaboration Scholarship.

I did a collaboration project at the Computer Science Dpt., for the Robotics Group, that involved using Microsoft's Kinect to track a hand in 3D, and translate these movements to a robot hand.

May 2013November 2013

Digital Ceramic | Photographic Files for Inkjet in Almassora, Spain.
Ceramic Tiles Design / Web Development / Photo Processing

Web development, graphic design, creating ceramic environments infographics.

January 2011May 2013

Private Teacher | Castelló, Spain.
English, Science & IT Teacher

In order to cope with my studies, I started to teach maths, physics, programming, technical drawing and English to high school students.

September 2008June 2010

Espai d'Art Fotogràfic | Arts School in Valencia, Spain
Digital Photography Teacher

Adobe Photoshop teacher at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, for digital photography students. It also involved weekend courses of 15 practical-theoretical hours.

January 2008December 2010

Signo Comunicación | Communication Agency in Castelló, Spain.
Developer / Designer

Web development department. Graphic design, web development & DTP for several magazines.

October 2006December 2007

Photomart Ltd. | Photographic Supplies Wholesaler in London, United Kingdom.
Graphic Designer / Website Manager

My tasks involved the management of the corporate website, the creation of advertising on several media (mainly online and press), development of mini-sites, designing and laying out a monthly magazine and editing an electronic weekly magazine.

June 2004July 2005

La Lupa | Local Trade Newspaper in Castelló, Spain.
Graphic Designer / Website Manager

Graphic design, advertising campaigns design, business website development and maintenance and weekly magazine DTP.

January 2002July 2002

CDM – GTFadrell | Computer Retail & IT Services in Castelló, Spain.
Technical Support / Equipment Assembly

Technical support, assembly and distribution of computer equipment.

Side jobs

Throughout all this period, in between jobs or along my studies at high school and university, I always carried out other jobs non-related to IT or design, which contributed towards my – personal rather than professional – development.



Universitat Jaume I | Castelló, Spain.

Degree on Computer Science and Engineering.


Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny | Castelló, Spain.

Degree on Graphic Design – First year completed.


Course on Web Design, HTML and FLASH | Castelló, Spain.

Intensive course – Completed after three months.


IES Penyagolosa | Castelló, Spain.

BUP + COU (high school)


IT Knowledge

  • Operating Systems
    • Linux | Ubuntu / Archlinux / CentOS / AmazonLinux
    • Windows | XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    • Mac OS X | 10.x
  • Design tools
    • Adobe Creative Suite | Photoshop / InDesign / Illustrator / Flash
  • Programming languages & Frameworks
    • Modern Web | HTML5 / CSS3
    • Javascript | jQuery 2 / AngularJS 1.5 / EmberJS / ES2015 / Gulp / Babel
    • PHP | Slim Framework 3 / CodeIgniter 4 / Laravel 5 / Drupal 7
    • Java | Spring 3
    • Python | SciPy / PyBrain
    • C/C++ | OpenCV / ROS
    • Ruby | Rails 4
    • DataBases | MySQL 5 / Oracle DB 12 / PL/SQL 11 / MongoDB
    • Actionscript 3.0 | Flash
  • Other computing skills
    • CLI Tools | Bash / PowerShell
    • Development environment | Vagrant / Docker
  • Office tools
    • Microsoft Office | SharePoint / InfoPath / VBA / Access / Excel
  • Audio/video editing tools
    • Steinberg Nuendo | Music production / Mixing / Mastering
    • Adobe Audition | Sound edition
    • After Effects | Video editing / Special FX


Level classification according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

SpanishC2 (native)
Catalan / ValencianC1C1C2C1

Driving License

I got my driving license on 2003, and I have a wide experience with both tourisms and vans.

Personal Skills

I am an extrovert and kind person, who loves enjoying a job as much as possible. I am detail oriented in everything I do. I am always willing to learn in order to solve problems. I consider myself sincere, responsible and committed to my job. I enjoy music, cinema and natural life, I can play several musical instruments and consider myself a creative person.

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Day Of Rising CD Artwork Design
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Raw Material 1Raw Material 2Raw Material 3
CD Artwork / FrontCD Artwork / Back



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